“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”   Yes folks, you read that right.  At the moment, in June of 2015, anyone reading those words would likely give them the flippant disregard that they would a fly that lands on their Sunday picnic lunch.  But back in 1964 when this remark was made, it seemed a viable opinion of the latest technology of that day.  Why?  Because only visionaries can see what is not yet right in from of them.  Only visionaries can take the imagined and turn it into the tangible.  Only visionaries can see past what is and picture what could be.  Potential is what I am talking about.  And not everyone is a visionary.  But when it comes to marketing, you had better be! In marketing, that is our essence.  That is our credo…potential!

I want to talk to you about web keys and how they are on a fast path to be the next biggest thing in marketing your company.  And if you aren’t riding them along the fast path, you will get run over by the other business that are.  Don’t be like Pablo Picasso who I mentioned at the outset.  That’s right, Pablo Picasso has been attributed with that gem!  The world famous painter, sculptor, and artistic innovator should have apparently picked up brushes more often and opined considerably less.  Now, web keys and why you should use them…

For those of you that may not know, a web key is a small device that you insert into your USB port.  It has no storage capabilities for its user.  However, what it does do is take the user directly to whatever webpage you have it programmed to visit.  Why is that so great?  Well, we live in the automatic age.  I don’t need to elaborate on how everything from our internet speed, to our morning coffee, to our doors at the supermarket need to be automatic or we aren’t using them.  We are an automatic people. So give the people what they want.  Give them automatic access to exactly what you want them to see.  No searching.  No navigating.  Just plugging in and sitting back.  If you are struggling with driving business from your web page, why not get some business cards with a web key tear away attached?  Encourage your potential clients to plug it in once, if they like what they see, save the page to their favorites and then toss the key away, and boom…you just gave them easy.  You just gave them automatic.

One particular application for a web key that I have been working on for a client is to have a magnet made into a web key.  My client is a restaurant that caters to the lunch crowd in a downtown metropolitan area, otherwise known as, people with no time whatsoever.  We are getting him some magnets made that look nice enough that an executive or the secretary of an executive would feel comfortable keeping it on their filing cabinets.  When they have a hankering for a falafel wrap with white bean and Kalamata hummus, all they do is lean over and retrieve the magnet from their filing cabinet, plug it in, place the order, and then put the magnet back where it will sit quietly until the next time they are looking for something easy.  For something automatic.  The owner of the restaurant was ecstatic when he saw how easily he could generate return business and how large his ROI would be with just one initial purchase.  So please, don’t delay.  Web keys are where it is at.  They are how you give people what they want in this automatic world.  Get caught up in it, don’t get run over by it.